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Ambush in Dealey Plaza

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Lee Oswald did not Kill President Kennedy. He was what he said he was - a patsy. One day he will be exonerated and recognized for his efforts to uncover the plot against Kennedy.

But it's completely understandable why most people believe he's the assassin. All government investigations: the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, the Ramsey Clark Committee, the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Committee; all came to the conclusion Lee Oswald killed the President. The most publicized and widely distributed books tell us Lee Oswald killed the President. After 50 years, new books are published telling us Lee Oswald shot President Kennedy.

path of fatal bullet

They tried to prove how the magic bullet worked and failed. The white disk under Arlen Spector's left hand is where the bullet struck. Photo is from Newsweek, November 22, 1993.

One would think it would be impossible to prove Lee Oswald innocent. But no, that's not the way it is: it's easy. 'Ambush in Dealey Plaza' explains, in detail, how the President was killed. But I wanted this presentation to be convincing and compelling, so I, also, describe in detail the time line. It shows Lee Oswald could not have killed Officer Tippit.

To leave no doubt what happened that day in Dallas, I examine the evidence given to the Warren Commission by the Dallas police, present affidavits from key witnesses, present eye witness statements and relate the acoustic evidence to the shots in the two ambushes. I, also, have a chapter on the motives why Kennedy was killed. And, finally, a list of key players and the role they played.

It boggles the mind to think most people still believe the laws of physics were suspended that day in Dealey Plaza. That, although, they see the President's head blasted up, back and to the left, by the force of a high velocity bullet striking two thickness of skull bone, they still believe it was some nonsense like the jet effect or a neurological reaction.

I explain the bullet hits on the President, the Governor, James Tague and the car; the acoustic recording, eye witness accounts, and the video and photo evidence. I, also, explain why the evidence presented to the Warren Commission by the Dallas police was all created. That is, also, easy to prove.

Harold Weizmann spent years petitioning the government for an affidavit by Carlyn Arnold. She saw Lee Oswald on the first floor around 12:20 pm, eating his lunch. This document, of course, proves Lee Oswald did not kill the President. An affidavit given within hours of the shooting by Charles Brehme, one of the closest eye witnesses to the President, when he was killed, has disappeared. He told the police, where the shot came from that killed the President.

Both forms of the book; the PDF file and the ebook are free to download or read online. I have a donate button but maybe a better way to help is to tell your friends and spread the word. If there are donations the money will be used to help tell and spread the truth about Lee Oswald.

The headings I've used, I hope, make it easy to skim or to scan and to read starting at any point. But reading on a monitor is harder on one's eyes than reading a printed version. Staples will print a copy for $9 or $10. Get some of your friends to go in on a copy.

I believe you will find the ring of truth in 'Ambush in Dealey Plaza'.

Lots of other stuff But I'm curious about a lot of things: so check out the Site Contents. I'm hoping you will find something to interest you and keep you on my site for awhile.

'I have seen yesterday, I know tomorrow', is from a wall in King Tutankhamun's tomb. It implies the human condition does not change. In one sense, the only constant is change. But, in another sense, the inscription is true. For instance, can we not think of life as simply trying to overcome obstacles? Or a question of problems and possible solutions. Or, that there are only actions and consequences? Or, as getting from point A to point B? Or, as trying to determine what knowledge to act on? These questions imply the human condition does not change.

How did we get here? Or to put it another way, 'what drives history'? Is it great military men; Napoleon, Hitler, Caesar? Is it the philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, David Hume, Kant, etc.? Is it scientific thinkers; Faraday, Newton. Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein? Is it inventions: stone tools, controlling fire, the wheel, the lever, smelting, writing, printing, telephone, computers, etc.? Let's think about all the men and women, down through history, who have made our lives better. What a marvelous gift they have given us. Their work is our common heritage. I want to know about them.

Check out my essays and personal stuff. I do not set out to offend; just to say something I believe true or think will be amusing. I try to write from the point of view of being a human being first. I don't think people should take seriously labels their parents put on them when they were children. Personal opinions and points of views should provoke critical thought.

And, And, 50 pages of filler! No! Wait! Don't go away. It's all good stuff: great letters, quotations from my collection, pictures, anecdotes, and stories about important people in history.

I owe so much to the Internet. I can never repay or list all the free stuff that has made my life better. One way to make the attempt is to include links to other sites where I've been enlightened and entertained.

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